Women tricks all her male relatives into wearing the same outfit for Xmas dinner

It isn’t truly Christmas unless some awkward gift-giving has been done.

For some people, turning up to an event and discovering someone else is wearing the same outfit would be a nightmare.

For one family, it was their Christmas lunch.

People were left in stitches after a TikTok user revealed how her family conspired to dress every male relative the same, by gifting them the same jumper for Christmas.

Aliyah Faith shared the hilarious video online, and explained: “We each got them the same shirt to wear to our Christmas and they had no idea.”

She then posted various shots of the men hanging out in the kitchen and playing pool – all dressed identically.

Luckily, everyone seemed to take it in good grace – and even posed for photos wearing their green jumpers together.

In the comments, Aliyah elaborated, writing: “At first one of them was like ‘why did y’all dress us like three Christmas threes,” but after he saw more, he thought it was hilarious.”

The video of the hilarious moment racked up more than three million views – and left people in hysterics.

One person joked: “It’s giving Ned Flanders,” referencing the Simpsons character.

Another commented: “This is just proof that men wear the pants but the wives decide which ones,” with a series of laughing crying emojis.

A third urged the family to continue the prank, as they wrote: “This should be a tradition lol.

“You could have a photo album that’s colour coded with the years.”

“Proof that men don’t text each other asking what they’re planning to wear to parties,” added another.