Strange extras people serve with Christmas dinner from egg sauce to prunes

When it comes to Christmas, one of the best parts of the day has to be the festive feast.

Unless you’re vegetarian, many of us will sit down to eat turkey, which tends to be paired with Brussels sprouts, stuffing, parsnips, cauliflower cheese and much more… the list is endless.

But there are a few things you might not have expected people to pair with the meal, reports Daily Star.

Curious as to what others eat with their Christmas dinner, a mum took to Mumsnet to ask: “Over the years, we’ve added the following that has now become standard: cauliflower cheese, steamed red cabbage, and raisins, sweetcorn.

“What additions do you have?”

And the answers varied from personal preference to downright odd.

One woman said: “Cauliflower cheese here too plus potato croquettes.

“We always had potato croquettes when I was a child as I didn’t like roast potatoes.”

To which another agreed, and added: “My mum always made three types of potatoes on Christmas Day; roast, mashed and croquette.”

Sauces on the other hand caused some division.

One mum said: “Mint sauce – my ex and my son have it with every roast.”

While another added: “Egg sauce, in place of bread sauce.

“It’s a moderately thick white sauce with a mashed hard-boiled egg in it.”

Another added: “We always make grandma’s bread sauce recipe, which is thick enough to serve in slices and has a crunchy topping.”

And her’s wasn’t the only addition inspired by a grandparent.

One mum said: “My nana used to put black pudding on the side of a roast.

“Lovely with a bit of stuffing and gravy.”

While another’s gran always made something called “shrug.”

She explained: “Think it was meant to be posh in the 1970s…

“It is cranberry juice with a scoop of orange sorbet.

“It is meant to be a refreshing palate cleanser.

“It is so pretty served in a cut glass and is so delicious.”

A common addition was mushy peas alongside “cheesy leeks” and “creamed leeks.”

While one person added: “My mum makes what we call bacon rolls, by wrapping the turkey livers in bacon like pigs in blankets.

“Absolutely delicious but I’ve never seen them anywhere else.”

Finally, there was one woman who admitted her Christmas dinner had a high volume of an unpopular fruit.

She said: “Ours includes an unusual number of prunes, I guess that’s not normal?

“We have prunes in bacon with a glass of champagne before dinner, then I soak the rest in port, add a little chocolate and puree to have with shortbread and ice cream.

“Also nice to mix prune puree (sans chocolate) with mustard to spread on turkey sandwiches.

“I rarely touch a prune the rest of the year, not sure how our festive celebrations have become so prunecentric.”

“Blimey, bet you’re queuing for the bathroom by the evening,” joked a fellow poster.